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About Wade's Farm

Hi. My name is Wade.  In 1997, I combined my passion with an idea.  

An idea of growing local, organic produce on a tiny plot of land outside of the Central Valley in California.  

After 20 years of delivering goods from my farm to family and friends, I came across one particular product everyone dreamed of.  I combined my Elephant Garlic with a recipe for Organic Elephant Garlic Aioli.  After a year of mastering the recipe, I gave away a few samples.  And everyone who tried it wanted MORE.  I thought to myself, maybe, just maybe, others might like it as well.  So, I took the product to my local farmers market and let people try it.  And soon, I was out of Jars.  They wanted more, but that year's crop did not produce enough to meet the demand.  So, I did what I did in 1997 and combined my passion for farming organic produce with an idea.  

So, a few years ago, Wade's Farm Elephant Garlic Aioli was born.

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